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Cardigan sweater 90s fashion is back in a big way with a wide variety of options available. A great many designs are in vogue and there are many ways you can dress to suit the trends. If you want to dress casually for a casual lunch or shopping, try something floral with a touch of color or try one that is more fitting to show off your figure. 90s fashion sweater dress there is also the option of using a cardigan sweater dress to create the illusion of long lean legs and a voluminous sweater dress with a shawl is a modern and fresh look for weddings and parties.

The 90s knit sweater fashion is also looking good for offices and bedrooms. For work, try wool or cashmere cardigan sweater dress with some contrasting trousers or jeans and you have a stylish little outfit. A solid cashmere sweater is always a good choice for layers over cardigans and shirts but does not make the mistake of pairing it with too much pattern or colour. A cardigan sweater can be teamed with almost anything including silk or chiffon and you can certainly wear one to work if you feel like it. For a more laid back look at night, a thin cardigan sweater dress can be layered with a pair of jeans and you will have yourself a pretty comfortable outfit. The 90s sweater fashion ideas suggest that the winter months are to be cold and frosty, so a little bit of colour on your clothes is always welcome. A colourful cardigan or checkered knit sweater looks fabulous with a white or black top and makes the wearer look fresh and trendy. A large knitted cardigan or checkered cardigan can be dressed up with a plain top or a tunic dress and makes a bold statement. 90s sweater fashion is about being creative with colours and textures and there is no shortage of unusual material to choose from.

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